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Automotive Experts | jfnetwork

Automotive Experts

We’re pioneers in the automotive business and due to our long-standing experience in project management we bring all our know-how in every job.

Fashion and 3D | jfnetwork

Fashion and 3D

Through our know-how and many years of experience in the areas of 3D rendering, Big Data and AI, we want to revolutionize the market with specialized developed tools, exceptional applications and individual solutions

Quality and Sustainable | jfnetwork

High Quality & Sustainability

Our incentive to the greatest success brings you the best quality, sustainability and a business partnership.

Long-term support | jfnetwork

Long-term support

Long-term support and service after finishing the project successfully.

3D Imaging

jfnetwork is a leading provider of professional 3D-visualisation in the automotive sector.

3D Vehicle Solution for your business.

  • Our data pool covers all common vehicles in high end rendering including all OEM colors
  • Furthermore our 3D data enables to create high-end renderings in all desired resolutions on project level
  • Data mapping to KBA/ECE/JATO/KTYPE support an easy and fast integration into existing platforms starting with configuration system for car sales ending up with e-commerce solutions

Wheel configurator and advisory/consulting systems

We are specialized in developing individual solutions capabale to handle multi-brand information for realizing wheel configuration system for manufacturer, wholesalers and e-commerce

Our Competence, Your Advantage

  • StandAlone, SaaS or Webservice
  • Easy integration in existing Soltions
  • Fully Customizable
  • High Performance Solutions
  • 2D and 3D product and car presentation
  • Database connection to ERP (SAP, Dynamics and more)
TyresNParts Configurator & Shop | jfnetwork
MrWheel Configurator & Shop | jfnetwork
itWheels Configurator & Shop | jfnetwork
BBS Configurator & Shop | jfnetwork
E-Commerce Solutions 1 | jfnetwork
E-Commerce Solutions 2 | jfnetwork
E-Commerce Solutions 3 | jfnetwork
E-Commerce Solutions 4 | jfnetwork
E-Commerce Solutions 5 | jfnetwork
E-Commerce Solutions 6 | jfnetwork
B2B & B2C E-Commerce Solutions

Development of e-commerce solutions fully integrated in existing processes

  • Payment solutions
  • Logistic solutions
  • Visualizing solutions
Customized Software Solutions

We create a individual software for our customer – and not a standard product. All projects are “handmade” specially for each single customer.

Customized solution that fits your needs,

  • Agile development “We customize your Solutions according your requirements”
  • We normally use Standard Tools based on Open-Source.
  • An important factor is our motivation: Our experts involve your employees from the very beginning.
  • Achievements are always common successes - up to the complete, successful transition to agile project management.
Software Solutions 1 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 2 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 3 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 4 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 5 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 6 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 7 | jfnetwork
Software Solutions 8 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 1 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 2 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 3 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 4 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 5 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 6 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 7 | jfnetwork
Logistic Solutions 8 | jfnetwork
Fleet and Logistic Solutions

Process optimization for business area wheels and tyres is our core competence.

Fleet & Logistic Solutions that fits your needs.

  • Always to be one step in front of our fleet customers needs - is our goal
  • By using up to date IT and keep acting agile we support a new way of approach - by integration to existing solutions and processes we signifanlty optimize exisitng processes
3D rendering for Fashion - Avatars + Clothing

We create 3D Avatars and clothing for virtual fitting rooms for webshops and virtual fgashion shows – ready for the conquest of the metaverse

Fashion Expertise | jfnetwork